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Welcome to the leading trademark portal of the European Union! This site is intended to provide you with an overall perspective on trademark application and protection in Europe. You may ask why it is important to have an own trademark. Our answer is simple: because this is the only way you can make sure it will not be used illegally by anyone else. Allow us to show you the best strategies and offer you our high quality services regarding the implementation process. If you are considering filing an international registration through WIPO: check out the advantages of direct CTM filing here

Community Trademark (CTM)

File your trademark applications or renew your existing CTMs at the OHIM with legal representation of Georg Pintz & Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Fill out our forms and we will take care of all the formalities required to register your trademark.

Design (RCD)

File your RCD design with our help. RCD (Registered Community Design) is the European equivalent of a US 'design patent', and is an exclusive right for the outward appearance of a product or part of it. Click here for our info page about RCD.

Worldwide trademark filing

If you wish to file in multiple European countries or worldwide, choose from our selected countries and let us do the work for you! Your only task is to fill out the forms and we will take excellent care of your trademark registration and the due legal processes in each country.

Trademark infringement

Have you ever thought about monitoring your trademark for infringements? If there exist some competitors who misuse your trademarked brand, you really should consider taking legal action against them. We will help you find counterfeits.

Attorney database

Looking for a legal professional who can represent you before the Office of Harmonization of Internal Market? With the help of this database you can search for attorneys with an extensive practice in trademark and infringement matters. Click here for the database.


If you have any questions regarding the basics of trademarks, designs and the practice of opposing one, check out our frequently asked questions. Should you need any further information, you are encouraged to get in touch with us.

Law Comparison

By clicking here it becomes apparent right away what differences and similarities do the trademark laws of the European countries have. By checking out the boxes you can decide which countries to compare. Should you need any legal service or further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the recommended offices which can be found at the bottom of each chart.

Online dictionary for list of goods

You can use our online dictionary to have the exact translation of particular list of goods. Our dictionary functions with 18 languages and provides further data in 5 major languages.  Our translator offers comfy use and essential info at the exact same time to make your life easier.  
Firstly, select the number of the relevant class from the drop-down-list, then choose your source and destination languages as your second step. The items available for translation will appear in the source language box where you can click on the pieces you would like to translate. By pressing the CTRL button you can select more than one line simultaneously. The detailed list is available in 5 major languages, while you can have the headlines in several other languages as well.

Fee calculator

Here you can calculate the fee associated with your filing, whether you renew your trademark or file it for the first time. You can also choose either the assignment or the opposition of a trademark. The next step is to select the class number of the particular product, after which you only need to fill out the columns of priority, seniority and bonus. Let the calculation begin.


By clicking here you will find useful links and additional data regarding trademark searches, national trademarks and the WIPO’s Madrid Protocol. If you are a business starter, here you can also benefit from attorneys’ advices.

Trademark Blog

Our blog shares interesting trademark news with you from all around the world. If you make history with your trademark, we will certainly write also about that. Be prepared!

Firm profile

The trademark and patent attorneys of Georg Pintz & Partners provide counselling in IP matters and represent clients before courts and authorities (European and Hungarian) for all issues concerning patents, trade marks, designs, competition law, copyright law and also Internet-related matters, e.g. domain dispute resolution. Our patent and trademark attorneys are registered to practice before the OHIM, EPO and WIPO, the community courts, and Hungarian national authorities...

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Here you can find the necessary information to get in touch with us. You can call our head office in Budapest or our paperless offices worldwide. Address and bank info also available here.


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